The Tribe Triathlon Club is based in the Adelaide hills and eastern suburbs. It boasts a great family friendly atmosphere mixed with some serious triathlon competition. The Tribe is affiliated with Triathlon South Australia and has a solid membership base ranging in age from 5 through to 70. Amongst its ranks are elite athletes, juniors in training and many a weekend warrior!

You will find that the Tribe is a very proactive club. It holds regular club training sessions, its own races and many special events. Join us!


Throughout the year the club holds regular races for its members.

During summer triathlons (swim, bike, run) are held.  In winter we hold a mountain bike duathlon (trail run, mountain bike ride in the forest, trail run) at Fox Creek between Cudlee Creek and Lenswood.

At each of our events two race distances are offered to cater for differing levels of abilities and endurance.  A free BBQ for members following each race gives an opportunity for competitors and spectators to catch up.

Most club members also compete in other races around Adelaide with many members also competing further afield in South Australia and interstate.  With the number of races available there are many options to race as often as you want.

You will find our club racing calendar and the TriSA calendar attached. Cost for all club events is FREE.

Required Gear

As a minimum, you will need a pair of bathers, a top, a bike, a helmet, and a pair of runners.  If you are just starting out you don’t need to spend a lot of money on gear.  Many people start on the trusty old bike they have in the shed.

There are a lot of very expensive triathlon bikes, wetsuits and other gear out there and if you are new to the sport and plan on purchasing a bike we suggest you talk to a couple of experienced club members for some guidance.


Our club is insured with Triathlon Australia and VInsurance.  Information on what is covered can be found here: http://www.vinsurancegroup.com/triathlon


We will endeavour to communicate with club members and interested parties regularly via email, facebook, and our club website.  Please ensure your email is up-to-date with our club secretary but also make sure you keep an eye out on our website and facebook page.

Any Questions?

Check the information on the club website at www.tribetriathlon.com.au or contact our club president at president@tribetriathlon.com.au or our club secretary at sec@tribetriathlon.com.au


Club training sessions are currently held 2 days a week with members participating as often as they want.  For club members we can also create customized training plans based on time, fitness, and goals.  The Club training programme is as follows:

  • Wednesday night 4pm running training at Woodside or 5:30pm from Mount Barker
  • Thursday night: a mix of training, including bike time trials throughout the daylights saving period
  • Saturday morning: often a group bike ride through the hills
  • In addition other training is held at various times to assist with transition and other aspects of triathlon including open water swimming at Milang and Encounter Lakes plus a training day.

    Times and locations are on the ‘Events & Results’ tab on the club website.

    Costs for each of the training sessions is free for club members.

    Personalised training plans available on request.

    Club Membership

    The Tribe Triathlon Club is affiliated with Triathlon Australia (TA). Joining the national association is a condition of membership to any affiliated club. Joining Tribe and TA is an easy one step process online. Click the button below and you will be taken to the Triathlon Australia online membership page. Through this process you register as a member of Tribe Triathlon Club as well as joining Triathlon Australia.

    Under TA membership rules you can attend any number of club events or training for up to two consecutive weeks for free prior to becoming a member.

    Club Membership Costs

    $30 Adult membership and joining TA

    $20 Junior (under 20) and joining TA

    $100 Family Membership and joining TA

    $40 Cycling Membership only

    Register Today


    They Are Great! Edward M. Hepburn

    I had a great time at their triathlon. Very nice organization and lovely weather.